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Dryer Vent Cleaning

 Dryer Vent Cleaning Charleston


Calling Dryer Vent Cleaning Charleston is your first and best step in resolving clogged or dirty Dryer Vent problems, usually identified by an Appliance or Dryer Repair person or a clothes dryer user noticing reduced performance.

Call Dryer Vent Cleaning Charleston if you notice very little air flow coming from your Dryer Vent to the outside of your home or if you can see a build up of lint within the Dryer Vent. Sometimes, dryer vent lint is visible in the vicinity of where the dryer vent exits your home.

Dryer Vents Need To Be Clear Of Debris

A Clean Dryer Vent is absolutely vital to the proper operation of your clothes dryer. Think of it as your dryer’s umbilical cord to the outside world. During proper operation, the way your dryer manufacturer designed your clothes drying system to function or work optimally, your dryer ventilation piping [Dryer Vent] must be able to “move” or exhaust 200 cubic feet of hot moist air per minute to the outside of your dwelling.

During normal operation this hot moist air also contains particles of fabric cast off by the tumbling action of the dryer. This is commonly referred to as Lint. As time goes on, this moist lint builds up to line the walls of the Dryer Vent and reducing air flow.

Is Your Dryer Taking Longer To Dry Your Clothes?

As the Dryer Vent piping becomes clogged, the performance or efficiency of your Clothes Dryer is reduced until it reaches the noticeable point of taking much much longer to accomplish the drying task.

Think of your Dryer Vent as one of the main blood arteries in your body. If your Dryer Vent cannot exhaust [pump] the required amount of air for proper operation, just like the arteries in your body getting blocked or blocked up – bad things are going to happen.

Most often, a Dryer Repair person will diagnosis performance issues as related to a clogged or dirty dryer vent. Dryer Repair people are not normally involved with dryer vent cleaning. Only the diagnosis.

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