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Air Handler Cleaning Charleston

Air Handler Cleaning Charleston

Air Handler Cleaning Charleston

The air handler is the part of the air conditioning unit where the air changes temperature. Logic dictates that all of the air that you breathe in your environment must pass through an Air Handler and Ductwork first. Inside the Air Handler it is Cold, Dark and Wet. Mold thrives in that environment.

Air Handler Cleaning- What Are Some Of The Common Problems?

Common Air Conditioning Handler Problems & Preventive Maintenance Dirty Coils: The Air Handler Cooling Coils (Evaporator Coils) cools the air being broadcast into your home or work environment. If the Air Handler Coils are dirty or damaged, the air cannot be properly cooled or circulated.

Does The Blower Have Anything To Do With The Air Handler Cleaning Charleston?

Faulty Blower: Blowers (it’s called Fan on your Thermostat) is responsible for pushing the air through the ductwork in your home or business. If the blower’s wiring is in any way damaged, or the blades are full of dirt, the Air Handler cannot work properly and your utility bill will increase.

Will Clogged Air Filters Cause An Issue with the Air Handler?

Clogged Air Filters: Dirty air filters cause, generate many conditioning problems and Service Calls. Dirty filters impede the proper air flow for maximum efficiency. Clogged Drain Lines: An Air Handler is connected to a Drain Line that evacuates the water removed from the air while it is being cooled. Clogged Drain Lines can cause many problems such as Sheet Rock damage or the Air Handler to shut down entirely. There is never a convenient time for this to happen. Allergy Shop service technicians are knowledgable and experienced in not only resolving these issues, but preventing them from happening. Topic: Air Handler Cleaning Charleston


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Is Air Duct Cleaning Services Licensed? Yes, As a Licensed Heating and Air Conditioning company, Duct Cleaning Charleston Services is legally authorized to make repairs to your air duct system should any be detected.
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