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Dryer Vent Clogged James Island-I’m Glad They Came To Clean My Air Ducts-4-16-15

Found Dryer vent Clogged James Island

While doing a regular Air Duct Cleaning job on James Island the customer was telling us he was experiencing a problem with his clothes taking a long time to dry.

After inspecting, we found the drying vent piping clogged with lint and a birds nest.

This is one of many reasons you should have your dryer vent cleaned or inspected when doing air duct cleaning.  We have the best equipment for both air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning. Call us today and schedule an appointment.



Best Duct Cleaning Company For New Construction

Best Duct Cleaning Company For New Construction

Disconnected Ductwork Under Home Stuffed With Cardboard

Duct Cleaning Charleston enjoys the reputation for being the best Air Duct cleaning company for New Construction. When is comes to cleaning your air ducts simply call Duct Cleaning Charleston at 843-406-3908.

Duct cleaning for new construction is also known as air vent cleaning, air registers cleaning, air ducts cleaning which includes floor vents cleaning. Some even call it AC Duct Work Cleaning. Over the many years we have been cleaning air ducts. We routinely find debris from remodeling projects and new construction jobs. Debris in ductwork is a natural home for Mold and other air born contaminants. remodeled and NEW construction debris in the floor vents.

Two months ago a very well known home construction contractor called us saying his wife keeps smelling a very weird odor coming from the air vents. We found soda cans, tennis balls, a respirator, sawdust, food wrappers and of course, massive amounts of saw dust.

He was looking for the Best Duct Cleaning Company New Home Construction, he heard about us from another Builder and called us to see what we could do. Once the problem was identified we used our professional Rotobrush System to clean out his ventilation ductwork followed by the application of a fogged fungicide & anti-micorbial. The odor problem was resolved and we’d made a new friend.

So when it comes to finding the Best Air Duct Cleaning Company for New Construction or Remodeling call us today and schedule a visit by our team of professionals. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Dryer Vent Clogged Clothes Taking Long Time To Dry Downtown Charleston

Received a call from a owner in the Charleston downtown area complaining his cloaths are taking a very long time to dry. Once we arrived and inspected the exit point of the dryer we discovered the vent was full of debris and very  clogged up.

We applied our tool and cleaned the Dryer Vent. Warning: This exit vent was on the second floor, we recommend you get a professional to do this. Give is a call if you suspect your dryer vent may be clogged up.



Duct Cleaning Job Found Disconnected Ductwork 3-6-15

While doing a routine Duct Cleaning job, several runs of Ductwork were found disconnected from the associated floor ventilation registers and laying on the ground under the house.  We fixed it.

Disconnected Ductwork Under Home Stuffed With Cardboard Disconnected Ductwork Under House

Ya think there is a reason your getting a cold draft?


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